Jazz for Kids

Mining the Jewels of Jazz: Jazz for Kids | Eboni Ramm
Journey with jazz vocalist, poet and educator Eboni Ramm through time and discover the jewels of jazz through the adventures of Kayla and her brother Eli. From Dixieland and big band swing, to bebop and Latin Jazz fusion, you’ll be introduced to the pinnacle periods of America’s classical music – JAZZ!




“ColaJazz is passionately committed to educating our young people regardless of their socioeconomic status, preserving and advancing Jazz music, supporting and growing our jazz community and making Columbia and our State a thriving and culturally rich environment. We could not be more thrilled to partner with the world’s leading jazz organization Jazz at Lincoln Center and present their efforts here in SC,” said Mark Rapp, ColaJazz founder and CEO.

We know from proven practice that jazz is a great community connector. It brings together people of any ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We utilize jazz to teach life skills, social equality and to instill the desire to learn, be curious, creative, adventurous and to be your best self while being community-minded. Please join our funding partners who share our vision and understand the importance of creating an environment where Jazz thrives.